Dedicated to Cyrus Sibley "Descended from John Sibley who arrived in America in 1629, Cyrus Sibley came from Sutton, Massachusetts, to Blakeley, Alabama, about 1810 and acquired vast holdings in Baldwin County. In 1847, he founded the village of Sibley City, now called Montrose, and in 1856 deeded this burial ground where he lies.

In recognition of his sterling character and great contribution to our area, this plaque is gratefully erected by the citizens of Montrose."


Montrose Book On October 20, 1856, Cyrus Sibley and his wife Eliza deeded to a group of named Trustees this nine acre block for "use as a burial place." Cyrus Sibley was the founder of Montrose which he established in 1847. He is buried in the cemetery, and there are at least ten other marked graves from the 1800's.

For a most interesting history of the Cemetery, we refer you to the chapter "Montrose Cemetery" beginning on page 51 of the 1959 book by Florence and Richard Scott entitled, Montrose


Presentation by Dick Scott Since 1856 the history of the village of Montrose and the community cemetery have been closely intertwined. The Cemetery is restricted by deed provisions to the exclusive use of Montrose residents and their families.

Buried here are both Confederate and Union veterans, people of many religions or no religious affiliation at all. Over time, it has become much more than a burial place. Townspeople gather at special occasions, like Christmas, to just get together. On any given day family members may visit to honor their loved ones, and others just to enjoy the quiet and the beautiful surroundings.

The Montrose Historic Preservation Society has regular meetings and special programs of interest. In October, 2023, a presentation was given with the title "Life in Montrose 100 Years Ago". Click here to view a video of that presentation. A portion of it highlights the Montrose Cemetery.